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Ep 4: Black Women in Ed Are Lit!

In this episode Tiffany and Autumn shed light on Black Women’s Literary Societies, highlight Kimberly Bryant (the real life Princess Shuri), and discuss the privilege and toxic masculinity of the people committing school shootings.

Black Women’s Literary Societies

Black Women and Girls in STEM…utm_campaign=buffer

School Shootings…how-many-so-far…c-masculinity/

Ep 3: HBCUs for The Win!

In this episode, Tiffany and Autumn celebrate Horace Mann Bond, the first Black president of Lincoln University, Riché Barnes, professor of sociocultural anthropology and assistant dean of social sciences at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, and discuss why Black students quit university more often than their White peers (spoiler: the answer is racism).

Riché Barnes bio:…ajor-universities/

Why do black students quit university more often than their white peers?…han-white-peers